Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lanning's First Christmas

There is nothing like a child's first Christmas, especially when they have just learned to crawl and pull up to furniture. Lanning was quite the little explorer. He wanted to touch and taste everything. There was a sparkle that appeared in his bright blue eyes each time a new object was found to be within his grasp. It was great! His whole world has opened up to him. He tasted everything from Polly Pocket clothing to Christmas tree ornaments and even got a taste of sweet potatoes, cool whip and cranberry sauce. (Grandma helped with the food stuff).

This little guy will be up and running when our next Christmas rolls around. By then he can reach even more bright sparkling things from the tree! Maybe even sit at the "little kids table" with his cousins.

Stay little while you can, little man. Growing up comes way too fast.

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