Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life is a short term mission trip....

Scripture tells us to always be ready. We cannot see the future as the Lord can. So we must know Him and be ready to share Him. Our "mission trip' could happen today. The past 4 days have brought unexpected opportunity to bear witness of Christ like love. 

With Mark's mom and his dad in the hospital we have once again had the opportunity to love on them. God has given us extra measures of patience and grace. It is only through His strength that we have been able to encourage our family. It is not by our strength but by His. We are nothing without the Lord. And why he would even use us is beyond me. Yes, they are our parents but I am sure that their pastor is better trained than we are to bring just right scripture or say the meaningful prayer they need to encourage them. And that is what is so awesome. He wanted to use us. Plain old everyday us. 

Tonight after we visited Mom in ICU and got her update we went down the hall to Dad's room. He was very discouraged with their situation. Worrying about Mom, sorry for inconveniencing us, questioning his care of Mom. And there right before our eyes was our mission trip. Dad needed encouragement, love and compassion. We talked as he cried. What a precious moment with him. God was faithful to still his worries and comfort his heart. After I had encouraged Dad to trust the Lord with Mom and to remember that God knows how much he loves her, I could not help but think of the man in the bed on the other side of the curtain. Since Dad did not have his hearing aids in there was no doubt this man heard everything we said. Does he know the Lord? Maybe we will have opportunity to find out. Maybe we won't. But this man we don't even know has now heard that we will love Mom and Dad and stick by them and that God is faithful and only He can heal Mom. Our worrying will do no good. Trusting in God will. And all because Mom and Dad are both in the hospital. Because God himself ordained this visit.

How awesome is our God! I am thankful for our 20 minute mission trip.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pray for Mom

Just we think it is okay to start answering the cell phone again we get another call and once again we drop everythinga and run. Thursday afternoon Mark's Dad called to say the ambulance had just left with Mom. I will spare you the details. Mom in the hospital in ICU. She has severe pneumonia and is on a ventilator. She also has an infection in her blood. There is no change today in her condition. She is not out of the woods.

Mom nearly died on Thursday. The Lord gave us atleast a few more days with her here. We are entrusting her to His care and praying for a full recovery. Only God knows what that will mean. But we are trusting in Him and His sovereign will for each moment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

I know. It has been about 6 weeks since I have written anything in this blog. I can assure you it is not because I have not had things to write about. Just most of the things that have been going on, I can't put on the blog. Too personal, to confidential.

One thing I can share is that I miss my grandchildren terribly. In fact terribly does not even cut it. Just thinking of them makes me tear up. We will be seeing Haley and Lanning this weekend when we go to Mom and Dad McKay's. I won't see Caitlyn, Kylie, JohnDavid and Luke until Thanksgiving. That just seems so very far away. It will be hear soon enough but it can't get here quick enough for me.

How do these little people get under your skin? How do they steal your heart and capture your thoughts without even being around? I guess it is just one of those secrets of life that we are not meant to understand. If we did understand we would be able to plan a defense. And that would not be good. We would all lose on that deal. We need them to keep us in a state of anticipation of their next visit. To keep us laughing and loving. To keep our inner child alive. Playing with Polly Pockets, rolling a ball on the floor or growling like the hulk may not sound like a great weekend to you, but I would beg to differ.

Kisses and hugs to my precious little ones. Grandma is counting the days.