Friday, June 6, 2008

A Time for Trust

It seems that the Lord has given us about 17 months of smooth sailing in the area of health issues. Now we are in the midst of trusting Him once again. Mark was diagnosed as being borderline diabetic just a couple of weeks before my gall bladder surgery. At the same time, his father had a mass on his prostate.

Since my surgery Andrew was in ICU with a pulmonary ambilus. (blood clots in his left lung). A potentially deadly condition. We were on pins and needles for a few days. Praying fervently for our son's life. Though now at home he is still not completely out of the woods. Not all the test results are in and the doctors still don't know why he has this problem at his age (26). Andrew is still not back to work full time and it may be a little while yet before he is. Each little task wears him out. It is going to take time to get him back to normal and he may be on blood thinners the rest of his life.

Today Angie called to say her doctors are quite concerned about her pregnancy. She has gestational diabetes and hypertension during her pregnancies and with each one it has gotten worse. Luke is not due to arrive until August 26. But then Angie never goes full term. She has been experiencing contractions, swelling and all the uncomfortable things that go with having a baby. She has very good doctors for which I am thankful. Her OB has walked with road with her before and is concerned about her condition. He is fearful that she will have preterm labor. Her blood pressure is high, blood sugars low and swelling by the minute it seems. Her endocrinologist has decreased her insulin trying to help her feel better. Now Angie will be seeing a third doctor, a perionatalogist to determine if her placenta is deteriorating like it did with Kylie.

We have learned that only God knows the condition of precious babies inside the womb. After all, the doctors told us Kylie would need open heart surgery to save her life, may not be able to walk because it appeared her thigh bones were too short and that she looked as though she had Downs Syndrome. If you know Kylie you know none of these things are true. God gave us a precious little girl. Just 5lbs of fight and energy. She fought her way to health and is now a little girl with spunk!

This has all made we remember that years ago we gave our children to the Lord. We dedicated them to Him. Promising to teach them the ways of the Lord and to lead them to a relationship with Him. Do we think for a moment that He has abandoned them in their adulthood? NEVER! Our God has seen us through much tougher times that these. Trials only prove to strengthen our faith and dependence on His sovereignty. Our babies are not our own whether tiny or grown. His grace is not dependant on the size of the recipient. And we are thankful!

So we trust on. We pray and we wait to experience once again the graciousness of our loving God. Our family will stand firm in His faithfulness to us. We may waiver, He will not.