Friday, January 4, 2008

Why Questions

I recently finished the book "Humility" by CJ Mahaney. If you haven't read this book GET IT! I t will help you see yourself for who you are: a sinner who deserves less than nothing. Once you get back in the Word and scrap yourself off the bottom of a shoe.... It is awesome! You just have to trust me.

This book along with the "happenings" of this week have caused me to ponder several "Why" questions. I have included several below. Read them as if they were yours and then the Lord at work on your heart.

Why don’t I get on my knees every morning and pray for my pastors, staff, elders, congregants?
Why don’t I serve them more, pray for them more, love them more?
Why don’t I realize there are broken hearts all around me?
Why don’t I see the destruction of families right under my nose?
Why don’t I see how quickly time is passing and make the most of every waking moment?
Why do I waste the precious resources that God has provided?
Why can’t I see that I have an opportunity to serve God if I just look?
Why won’t people turn to Him?

Why don’t I appreciate my husband?
Why do I forget that he is a gift from the Lord?
Why do I remember all the hurtful things?
Why do I forget the day to day little things that make me love him?
Why do I complain when he asks for a simple favor?
Why don’t I realize what a fabulous husband he is?

Why do I take for granted the incredible adults my children have become?
Why am I not making sure they know that I not only love them, but adore them?
Why don't I talk to them about God and His ways at every opportunity?
Why do I try to hang on to them and forget that they really belong to God?

Why am I so selfish?

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