Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All That Really Matters

People volunteer for all kinds of things. Sometimes we volunteer and we don't really mean to. Other times we sign up to help with an event and have no idea what we just signed on for. There is truth in the saying "Look before you leap". When scribbling your name on the line, do we ever stop and think about what our attitude is before the pen touches the paper? I know I don't always think about what might be involved. I just plunge head long into it and sign my 'john hancock'.
I ran into this very problem this past weekend. Not with myself but with several others. This season is full of hectic days and frayed attitudes. A few friends signed up to help with a project at church. When the time came, they showed up someone had already been jumping on their last nerve. Their 'servant heart' was no where to be seen. Upon the arrival of the first person the tongue lost all control. The complaints began to flow as if someone had opened the flood gates on the dam. Everything from the chairperson to the decorations, music and food was up for critical review. I could not escape the rounds of ammo that hit my heart. You would have thought there was a sign on my chest that read "Complaint Box." Needless to say, it nearly ruined the evening for me. I knew that the entire event had been planned with care and love for the Lord. It was intended to be a time of worship as well as a clear explanation of the gospel for those who have not yet believed.
I found myself in the back room, tears flowing, heart broken. The attitude of the heart of sinners always takes me by surprise. I forget that those whom I worship with on Sunday are sinners just as I am. We are only kind because of the grace of God. It is His righteousness that allows us to do anything good. It certainly is not a product of our sin nature.
The second night of the event I took precautions. I spent a few quiet minutes with the Lord asking Him to make this evening what he wanted it to be. To help me to focus on Him and the part that I would play in this witness of His birth. "Make me gracious and understanding. Patient and loving" was my plea. And He was faithful.
The night was a precious time of praise to the Lord. Oh there were still complaining hearts, but He was worshiped. And that is all that really matters.

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Kristie said...

I would imagine, given your line of work, that you find yourself with that "complaint box" on your chest more often than any of us realize. It's not fair...but then, how much of the Lord's work really is, from our limited perspective?

Not that the appreciation of one person can cover the complaints of many, but I do want you to know how much I appreciate you! You've played such a major part in making our return to CBC comfortable for us and glorifying to the Lord. I thank God for your loving and helpful spirit. Not only have you helped us to feel welcome, but you've shown us ways that we can serve the body of Christ and provide for our family, too.

You do a wonderful job!! Thank you for your service to Him and to us!