Friday, February 29, 2008

The Truth Endures Forever

After my trip to the Biblical Counseling Seminar, there have been lots of things swirling through my head. Too many to even get down on paper (so to speak). I think by far the one that has stuck in my head is the way that one single Biblical truth can carry through to every aspect of our lives.

It was truly a "duh" moment but sitting there listening to speaker after speaker telling about various situations bringing glory to God was amazing. For instance, if we truly believe that our lives are to glorify the Lord then is it not true that we are to glorify Him in everything? Our relationships, marriages, daily life,child rearing,caring for elderly parents, personal relationship with God? At work, play, ball fields, grocery stores, church? In the midst of illness, broken cars, family tragedy, unemployment, cancer, death? Think about it.....

Another of my favorite "duh" moments was realizing that if God's grace is sufficient then it is sufficient in all things. His grace will sustain us in anything and everything that happens. Scripture does not say "His grace is suffienct except when enduring trials. Or except in illness. Or except in death. His grace is sufficient in ALL things. Sometimes it is just good to be reminded of this truth.

It is not the circumstances that glorify the Lord it is our reaction to them. If we choose to react negatively then we have lost that opportunity to bring glory to God. However, if we believe that His grace is sufficient and we trust His Word then our actions and reactions will be a witness to those around us of the grace of God.

The next time difficult circumstances come your way, don't be in a big hurry to pray that they go away. Embrace them and see them as an opportunity to bring glory to Him. Trials bring us to our knees. When we are weak, then He is strong.

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