Monday, February 11, 2008

Just Me and God in Indiana

I am in Lafayette Indiana for the week......alone......freezing....tired......did I mention alone. It has been quite an exciting weekend! The conference at our church was amazing. The preparations drained nearly every ounce of strength from me but well worth it.

Now I am cramming more information in my small brain with a week of training for biblical counseling. while I have looked forward to this trip for several months, I did not anticipate the loniness. Mark has always gone everywhere with me. This is my first trip alone. Just me and God. It is pulling at my heart to be without both families. With out my own family and my church family.

I left on Andrea's birthday. Every year it seems that her birthday gets upstaged by something. This year it was the combination of the Nashville Conference on the Church and Theology and this trip for me. While I know she understands it still bothers me. Mark and I neither one sleep well without the other. I know. We are pitiful. But he is my companion and I am lost without him. So it is just me and God. Taking it one day, one session at a time.

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