Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pitiful Little Guy

JohnDavid called me yesterday morning. So pitiful! "Grandma, I frowed up 5 times. My tummy hurts." For a three year old this is heartbreaking. That means no playing today and playing is the life of any three year old. Our conversation did not last long but he made sure I knew all the details. He was laying in mommy's bed watching a movie and holding his ninja turtle. The turtles and/or spiderman go everywhere. Even to the bathroom to "frow" up.
It is these little moments of talking with my grandchildren in which I learn so much. I don't know if it is just old age or maturity, but I find such signifigance is many seemingly small things these days. The pleasure of comforting JohnDavid set the tone for my day. How wonderful to know that the sound of Grandma's voice could comfort a little one.
It is often the little things in life that make the difference. That one small thing you think about doing and then just pass it by. Life just gets so crazy that we forget that still small voice is sometimes the Holy Spirit nudging us to meet the need of another. Most of the time it not anything that grand. Just a little something to ease the care or the work load of another. Stop for a moment and listen to that voice. It could change everything.
As believers we are called to serve one another. To put the needs of others above our own. Sometimes this just means stepping out of our normal routine to give someone a call or drop them a note or just take a minute to listen. You would be amazed at what God can do with one minute of your time. Give Him one minute and then just sit back and watch.

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