Thursday, November 1, 2007

Annual Fall Festival

Wow! What a night! Our church had their annual Fall Festival and it was a blast! The kids were just incredible. If someone did not have fun I would find it hard to believe. People donate candy, we set the gym up with carnival type games and 2 inflatables go upstairs. The kids play the games and win the candy. There were 4 large totes full of candy to give away. Everyone registers for the 31 door prizes from toddler toys to gift cards for the adults. We have hot dogs, nachos, chili and homemade donuts. It is a wonderful opportunity to invite the community and just have fun!

The day after the kids all have a sugar buzz and the adults are exhausted. But every ounce of strength put into it is worth the joy on just one of those little faces. One little boy was ready to go home after just 13 pieces of candy! That is a lot for a 2 year old. He could not believe he could have more. The chatter among the adults was mostly lighthearted although the Lord allowed for several opportunities for spiritual conversation and building of relationships. I would definitely say it was a success! Thank you Lord for a great time of fun.

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