Friday, November 9, 2007

Another Day, Another Blessing

Well, today I begin the 5th decade of my life. It is my birthday and I am 49. For the first time. Really. I have already been accused of claiming 49 for the second time but not true. My children like to remind me that my life is more than half over. But in reality this is a great stage to be at. The body is not completely ca put, my husband is trained (just kidding, love muffin) and my kids are grown. I have even more time to serve the Lord.
However, the real joy in all of this is that I have a growing relationship with God. It is a great day to look back through my life and take account of all the things the Lord has blessed me with. Have there been trials? Duh! Some minor, some major, some completely life changing but He has always remained faithful to my family. I have a great husband, 3 children all serving the Lord, 7 grandchildren, a fabulous job and incredible church family. What more could I ask for? Oh, I could easily ask for more, but why? Outside of see Christ is there really any present that would make a true difference in my life? Not really. Well maybe more grandchildren, but even that falls short of being in the presence of Christ Himself.
Birthdays are always a day of reflection for me and with a resounding voice I shout.
He has watched over me, blessed me far more than I deserve, and gives me the privilege of calling Him Lord. What more could you want for your birthday?!

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