Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trusting Still More....

There are times in everyone's lives when you just feel like you have had about enough and wish that the Lord would provide the rest that you so desperately need. This week has been one of those times. The trials continue to come in waves and the Lord's amazing grace continues to sustain.

Since the last post, Angie has had a bout with her gall bladder and for a day or two we thought she would be having surgery. The scare has passed and she is actually doing well for now. God has kept his hand of protection on her and Luke. We are so thankful! I have been struggling with a bad cold that has come on very quickly and decided to stay around.

But Monday brought one of those phone calls you don't want to get. You know as soon as you hear your mom say, "Cindy, It's Mom." you know something is up. And then the words came through the phone, "It's your Dad. He had a heart attack this morning." "Is he gone?" "yes." We have known for years that Dad was living on borrowed time. His heart was in really bad shape. The Lord has given us about 8 years more than we thought we would have. He is so good!

Death is always surprising. Always painful to those left behind. Once the shock is gone and the pain begins to subside we see the love of the Lord in it all. There is never a time in our lives that we need to fell loved and cared for more than when we are grieving. Our hearts are raw and bleeding. God's soothing balm of comfort is applied with His gentle hand. His peace envelopes us like a warm blanket of comfort and brings sweet rest. The love of God is sufficient for every outburst of tears, for every pain of the heart, for every moment of loneliness. He is truly all we need.

God's sovereignty still reigns. His love is still complete. His grace is still sufficient. His salvation is still available. Though my life has changed, He has not. This time of trial is yet more opportunity to strengthen my faith, walk closer to Him and experience his love and care.

Please pray for my family, especially for my stepmother, Penny. Pray that the Lord would reveal His comfort and love to her. May she see that Christ is all she needs.

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