Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Opportunity to Praise

We were helping Rebecca move on Tuesday evening when we got a call from Mark's mother. I could tell from the sound of her voice as it resonated from Mark's phone, that something was wrong. Mark hung up the phone and said Dad had been taken to the hospital and apparently had internal bleeding. We quickly told Martha and Danny about the call and headed for Clarksville. My mind immediately went to thoughts of loosing another dad so quickly. Then remembering that we had been down this road before and nearly lost dad sent waves of fear pounding on the door of my heart. I then remembered a conversation Danny and I had just had in the the office. We talked about praising God for every trial in our lives. Not just saying 'thanks for the trial' but really praising Him for the difficulty. I immediately began to pray and thanked the Lord for this opportunity to draw near to Him. The privilege to be a witness in the midst of trouble and show Christ-like love to Mark's parents.

Peace began to flood over me and I felt so at ease. Nothing could happen that God could not handle and therefore, I only needed to trust Him. What we did not know was that our friends who were helping with the move were praying for us.

We arrived at Mom and Dad's and let Mom explain what had happened. Then scooting off to the ER to check on Dad, we wondered what we would find. But God had given Dad a little peace of his own. Dad's pain was still coming in waves but farther apart. We reassured him we would stay with Mom. We waited until they put Dad in a room and then went back to spend the night with Mom. At 1AM we fell into bed.

Long story short: Dad will be fine and we are thanking God for his protection and the gift of more days with Dad. We are still staying with Mom as she can't be left alone for very long.

God is so good! Just when we think we can relax and not trust Him as much as yesterday, He reminds us that trust is for every day. Every opportunity, both good and bad, every moment of every day. Letting go of our lives and learning to let Him have our days. His ways are not our ways. We wanted to be holding our grandson by now, but God had this opportunity in mind for us to love on Mark's parents. I don't know why and I really don't care why. I just feel blessed to be used by Him.

So let our "fields be destroyed and our cattle be gone". We will still have Jesus and He will still have us.

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