Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Unexpected

When we plan our days, we don't even thing about what God has planned for the day. So often we just do what we do and don't give it a thought. God interupted my plans this past week. Monday I woke up with a stomach cramp. Sort of like I had done too many situps the night before. But of course, that was not the problem. I completely chaulked it up to the fact that I had a really good laugh on Sunday and apparently it was "a really good laugh". Enough to leave a lasting affect. Tuesday it was a little better but Wednesday was worse. Thursday with in minutes after getting up, I realized the discomfort was significantly worse. I called Mark and of course he suggested I call the doctor. Something I tend to put off when it is about me. But I did and within two hours I was at the doctor's office. They did my usual blood work and scheduled me for a abdominal scan on Friday morning, suspecting my gall bladder. I went back to work and did not think much more about is. The guys at work thought I should go home, but as Mark says, I am a tough old bird and can tolerate a lot of pain.

As the day went on, the discomfort increased and my appitite was gone. I made preparations to out of the office the following week "just in case". Cristy was on call, Cea stopped by for her list of errands and projects and things were ready to go. About 6pm I grabbed my purse, locked the office door and headed to the main church building to tell Mike I thought I better go home. As I walked across the drive the pain increased with each step and suddenly I realized I had gone too far and it was too late to go back to the office. I would make it to the gym. Just as I got in the door I was gripped with pain like I had never felt before. I leaned on the stacked chairs by the door and did some deep breathing trying hard to relax, hoping the pain would subside. It did not. I knew I was in trouble. I dug through my purse called home and through the tears I told Andrea to get Mark and come get me. I stood there another minute or so and realized I could not stand much longer. I called Mike who was upstairs having Worship practice. He and Steve came running to the rescue of this old damsel in distress. They were so sweet and gentle. Once I was seated there was no getting up.

Mark and Andrea soon arrived and after a difficult walk to the car we headed to Williamson Medical Center. I am not one for meds but I was very happy to get the IV started and get the pain meds going! Releif came quickly. Following an ultra sound it was conclusive. The gall bladder had to go. Doctor appointment the next morning, Surgery scheduled for Tuesday.

Surgery is over now and the Lord has been faithful. I usually have great difficulty coming out of anesthesia and spend much time in bed. But I am on my feet with minimal meds. He is so good to me. Mark has been wonderful! He gets everything I need and is very patient. The kitchen is cleaner than it has been in a couple of weeks! Not a dirty dish in sight! Andrea is staying with me during the day. She is great company and is at my call with no complaints.

Martha, Cea and many others have sent meals, prayers and calls. Such blessings to me. Such great friends. I feel so loved. So blessed. God is good and is providing for all my needs. I am looking forward to getting back to normal and back at church. But for now, I am enjoying the time of rest God has given me.

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