Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another High Dive Experience

I have been asked recently to do a Bible Study with some young moms. To teach them the practical side of being a godly wife and mother. The day to day application of it all. Frankly this terrifies me. Who am I to teach others how to do my job? I mess it up daily. But after all, I have been praying that the Lord would stretch me and use me for his glory. Recently at our Women's Retreat we studied the Titus 2 passage on this subject. I had not really grasped the concept that I am now a member of the "older women" group. The Lord showed me ready or not, I am in the group. Are we not all older than someone else in our church? Although it is said that the Bible refers to women approximately 60 years of age, are we to wait until we are 60 to teach others the things the Lord has taught us? Are we to sit back and watch them struggle until we turn 60? I hardly think so.

In a few weeks I will be jumping off another "high dive" in my life and meet with these dear mothers/wives and begin to pour my limited knowledge out to them. Mistakes and all. I had been praying about meeting with these very women and as God would plan, they came to me and asked that I teach them. God does have a plan!

I pray the Lord will use me to accomplish what He wills. It is not that I am "older and wiser" as sometimes "older" creeps up all by itself. But I am learning to trust Him. To put myself out there and be willing to do whatever He asks and leave the rest to Him.

I encourage you to take faith by the hand and jump off the "high dive" of your life. See what the Lord can accomplish with a willing heart.

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The Knutson Klan said...

Don't worry Mom! I know you'll do a great job! Love you!